For assistance in obtaining images and/or samples of drug products:
  • Christchurch Hospital Pharmacy
  • Timaru Hospital Pharmacy
  • Moyles Pharmacy, Timaru
  • Ashbury Pharmacy, Timaru
  • Marchwiel Pharmacy, Timaru
  • Unichem Ashburton
  • Amcal North End Pharmacy, Oamaru
  • Denise Martin, Medicines Control Advisor, Medsafe
  • AFT Pharmaceuticals
    AFT logo
  • Apotex NZ Limited
    Apotex logo
  • Arrow Pharmaceuticals
    Arrow logo
  • Douglas Pharmaceuticals
    Douglas logo
  • Dr Reddy's New Zealand Limited
    Dr Reddy's NZ Ltd logo
  • Multichem NZ Ltd
    Mulitchem logo
  • Mylan New Zealand Ltd
    Mylan NZ logo
  • Rex Medical Ltd
    Rex Medical logo
  • sanofi~aventis
    sanofi~aventis logo
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd
    Sigma logo

For assistance and advice on HTML and Javascript:
  • Alister MacGregor, Aoraki Polytechnic
  • Chris Beatson
  • Daniel Beer

For website hosting and advice:
  • Chris Hilder,

For imaging and HTML:
  • Sam McClintock

For design:
  • Alice McClintock

For encouragement with this project:
  • NZHPA Executive
    NZHPA logo
  • Paul Barrett, Christchurch Hospital Pharmacy, Canterbury District Health Board

For focus-group review of user interface:
  • Callum & Jayne Taylor, Brian Budd, Sue Riddle, John McClintock, Joanne Guthrie

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