Ordering drugIDNZ

What drugIDnz subscribers receive

For an annual license fee drugIDNZ is provided as an installable executable file of compiled html pages on CD-ROM,
updated six-monthly.

Key drugIDNZ features include multivariate searching, product images, and comprehensive data on:

  • tablets
  • capsules
  • patches
  • inhalers
  • "other" dose forms
  • innovator and generic products
  • links to Medsafe data sheets and Consumer Medicines Information
    (information on medicines including indications, pharmacology,
    contra-indications, side effects, interactions, dosage, etc.)

Please note that drugIDNZ does NOT provide a drug identification service per se, rather a resource to assist in
identifying drug dose forms in New Zealand.

Click on the appropriate link below to download pdf documents to order drugIDNZ

Single User General Practice/ Specialist /
Community Pharmacy
Public Hospital

Other potential users include Private Hospitals, Rest Homes, Hospices, Schools, Poisons Centre, Prisons,
Defence Forces, Customs, Government Departments, etcetera.   Please contact drugIDNZ to discuss your needs.

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